Churches in Vienna...

You are unlikely to find such a large variety of church constructions anywhere apart from
Vienna. It boasts examples from all epochs: valuable relics from the Romanesque period
followed by exemplary Gothic structures, Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism, Historicism
and Art Nouveau up to postmodern sacred architecture.

In addition to Roman Catholic churches, Vienna is also home to Protestant, Serbian
Orthodox and Greek Orthodox churches and synagogues. Even mosques and a Buddhist
pagoda have found their place in Austria’s capital.

Whether you prefer the intimate ambience of a small chapel or would like to stage your
wedding in one of Vienna’s large, magnificent churches – it’s up to you. Whatever your
choice: rest assured that we will be on hand to assist and advise you in your search for a
suitable location.


Divorced? Widowed?
Different denominations?

...but you still want to say “I do” in the romantic setting of a church?

For years we tried to make this wish come true, holding numerous negotiations on the
subject without any success. Finally, our efforts paid off:

As of now we can offer BENEDICTIONS in a wonderful church in Vienna.

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